Large scale modulation: view from the earth points

8 Jun 2021, 15:20
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Overview Cosmo- and geophysical aspects of cosmic rays Cosmo- and geophysical aspects of cosmic rays


Victor Yanke (IZMIRAN)


he current knowledge and ideas, obtained from groundlevel observations and concerning the solar modulation of cosmic rays, are reviewed. The following topics are discussed:
observations of the cosmic ray modulation at the Earth and main characteristics of the accumulated experimental data; manifestations of the solar magnetic cycle in cosmic rays; the effect of hysteresis and its relation to size of the heliosphere; the rigidity spectrum of long-term cosmic ray variations and its comparison with direct measurements on spacecraft; calibration of ground-based monitoring data using direct measurements on spacecraft in comparable energy ranges; the place of ground level observations in current studies of cosmic ray modulation and their future prospects.
Particular consideration is given to the correlation of long-term cosmic ray variations with different solar-heliospheric parameters, and to empirical models of cosmic ray modulation.

Primary author

Victor Yanke (IZMIRAN)


Dr Anatoly Belov (IZMIRAN) Dr Victoriya Oleneva (IZMIRAN) Dr Raya Gushchina (IZMIRAN)

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