How to participate

Participation in the ISCRA-2021 Symposium is free for anyone interested in topics of the Scientific Programme.

Important note: The total number of contributions is limited. Presentation of a contributionis only possible with the invitation of the Organizing Committee. To get the invitation, the recommendation of the members of Programme Committee is required.


To participate in ISCRA-2021 Symposium, please, follow the procedure described below:

1. Register a profile in Indico of the Experimental Complex NEVOD. Pay attention that emails from address can be redirected to spam. Therefore, if you have not received the email, check the spam folder of your mail application. If you already have account in our Indico, just go to the next step.

2. Login to Indico of the Experimental Complex NEVOD using your profile.

3. Register to the ISCRA-2021 Symposium by filling out the registration form.

4. If you have recieved invitation to present you contribution from the Organizing Committee, submit abstract of your talk. The Abstract should contain a clear description of new results, ideas, approaches which would give contribution to discussion of the announced scientific topics and would give the conveners necessary information for the acceptance of the Abstract. Do not forget to indicate the Section of the Symposium and the type of presentation.


Symposium language: English

Presentation types:

  • Overviews (25 minutes including discussion)
  • Original talks (15 minutes including discussion)

Registration fee: Participation is free of charge

Proceedings: It is planned to publish Symposium proceedings in the refereed journal “Physics of Atomic Nuclei” in the end of 2021