Scientific Programme

  • Multicomponent EAS investigations


    The section will be focused to instruments and experimental methods for studying extensive air showers. The main attention will be paid to investigations of muon and neutron EAS components, as well as to development of techniques of EAS registration by means of Cherenkov light.

  • Energy spectrum and mass composition around and above the knee (direct and EAS measurements)


    In frames of this section the results of various experiments on reconstruction of energy spectra and mass composition of primary cosmic ray particles will be discussed. The problems of applied methods and the hypotheses will also be considered.

  • Nucleus-nucleus interactions at high energies (models and experiments)


    The section will consider contributions on A-A-interactions in Cosmic Rays. Predictions of models and their comparison with experimental results will be reviewed.

  • TeV-PeV gamma rays


    In frames of this section, it is planned to discuss the gamma astronomy: methods, detectors of high energy gamma-rays and results of their investigations.

  • Cosmo- and geophysical aspects of cosmic rays


    The section will discuss solar, heliospheric, magnetospheric and atmospheric phenomena investigated by means of various cosmic ray components. The results of measurements at satellites, balloons and ground-based detectors wll be presented.