27-29 June 2023
National Research Nuclear University MEPhI
Europe/Moscow timezone

The International Symposium on Cosmic Rays and Astrophysics (ISCRA) is traditionally held every two years. The ISCRA-2023 Symposium, the forth in a row, will be held on June 27-29, 2023. It is organized by the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) and the Consortium “Cosmic Rays and Elementary Particles” under the auspices of the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the complex problem “Cosmic Rays”.

The aim of the Symposium is a wide discussion of experimental and theoretical results obtained in actual research directions in the field of High Energy Cosmic Rays and Astrophysics, as well as promotion of contacts between researchers and development of new ideas in fundamental and applied studies.

Within the framework of scientific sessions, the issues related to cosmic rays of very high energies (> 1 PeV), as well as to cosmo- and geophysical aspects of cosmic rays at the ground level will be discussed.

National Research Nuclear University MEPhI
Kashirskoe shosse 31, Moscow, Russian Federation, 115409
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Programme Committee: Organizing Committee:
Kuzmichev L.A., SINP MSU (Russia) – Chairman Shevchenko V.I.Chairman
Petrukhin A.A., MEPhI (Russia) – Vice-Chairman Barbashina N.S. – Vice-Chairman
Kokoulin R.P., MEPhI (Russia) – Scientific Secretary Petrukhin A.A. – Vice-Chairman
Cao Zhen, IHEP CAS (China) Dmitrieva A.N. – Executive Secretary
Chilingaryan A., YerPhI (Armenia) Astapov I.I.
Dalkarov O.D., MEPhI (Russia) Dolgova S.G.
Gupta S., Tata IFR (India) Golub O.A.
Kryakunova O.N., Institute of Ionosphere (Kazakhstan) Gromushkin D.M.
Lagutin A.A., ASU (Russia) Karetnikova T.A.
Lokhtin I.P., SINP MSU (Russia) Khokhlov S.S.
Polukhina N.G., LPI RAS (Russia) Konovalova A.Yu.
Ryabov V.A., LPI RAS (Russia) Kuzmenkova P.S.
Starodubtsev S.A., SHICRA SB RAS (Russia) Mayorov A.G.
Stenkin Yu.V., INR RAS (Russia) Mishutina Yu.N.
Stozhkov Yu.I., LPI RAS (Russia) Rodenko S.A.
Troitsky S.V., INR RAS (Russia) Shulzhenko I.A.
Yanke V.G., IZMIRAN (Russia) Voronov S.A.
  Yashin I.I.
  Yulbarisov R.F.
  Zadeba E.A.