27-29 June 2023
National Research Nuclear University MEPhI
Europe/Moscow timezone

Monte Carlo simulation of the OLVE-HERO detector

27 Jun 2023, 16:00
Hall of B-100 Lecture Room (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI)

Hall of B-100 Lecture Room

National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

Kashirskoe shosse 31, Moscow, Russian Federation, 115409
Poster Cosmic rays of very high energies (> 1 PeV) Poster Session


Ilyas Satyshev (JINR)


A project of the OLVE-HERO space detector is proposed for CR measurement in the range 1012-1016 eV, which will include a large ionization-neutron 3D calorimeter with a high granularity and geometric factor of ~16 m2٠sr. Current OLVE-HERO main detector is expected to be an image calorimeter of a boron loading of plastic scintillator with a tungsten absorber. Such a calorimeter allows one to measure an additional neutron signal which will improve the energy resolution of the detector and mainly the rejection power between electromagnetic and nuclear CR components will be increased by factor 30-50. Preliminary results of modeling the threshold sensitivity from the energy of CR particles for a simplified version of the detector are presented, where the threshold value is defined by the thermal neutron number in the detector.

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