Modeling of threshold energy of a small-size Cherenkov telescope with a SiPM camera

10 Jun 2021, 13:40
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Original TeV-PeV gamma rays TeV-PeV gamma rays


Alexander Krassilchtchikov (Ioffe Institute)Dr Eugene Kholupenko (Ioffe Institute)


Full-particle Monte-Carlo simulations of extensive air showers (EASs)
induced by 0.3-30 TeV cosmic gamma-rays and cosmic ray protons
as well as of Cherenkov radiation generated by such showers have
been carried out. Further modeling of Cherenkov photon transport in the
optical system and camera of a ~10 m(2) mirror area imaging Cherenkov telescope
based of modern OnSemi/MicroFJ silicon photomultipliers has been undertaken.
It has been shown that even with strict selection criteria which would ensure
a high quality of the EAS images recorded by the detector camera,
the threshold detection energy would not exceed 0.8 TeV, which is approximately
twice as low as the threshold currently achieved at the small-size TAIGA-IACT
telescope with similar mirror area and a camera based on vacuum photomultiplier tubes.

Primary authors

Alexander Krassilchtchikov (Ioffe Institute) Dr Eugene Kholupenko (Ioffe Institute) Danr Badmaev (Ioffe Institute)

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