GAMMA-400 gamma-ray observations in GeV and TeV energy range

10 Jun 2021, 12:55
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Original TeV-PeV gamma rays TeV-PeV gamma rays


Dr Nikolay Topchiev (LPI RAS)


Future space-based GAMMA-400 gamma-ray telescope will operate aboard Russian astrophysical observatory in the highly elliptic orbit during 7 years. Observing gamma-ray sources from Galactic plane, gamma-ray bursts, emission from diffuse gamma rays, the Sun, dark matter particles will be performed uninterruptedly for a long time (~100 days) in point-source mode in contrast to scanning mode for Fermi-LAT and other space- and ground-based instruments. GAMMA-400 will measure gamma rays in the energy range from ~20 MeV to several TeV, have the unprecedented angular (~0.01° at Eγ = 100 GeV) and energy (~2% at Eγ = 100 GeV) resolutions better than the Fermi-LAT, as well as ground gamma-ray telescopes, by a factor of 5-10, and perfectly separate gamma rays from cosmic-ray background.

Primary author

Dr Nikolay Topchiev (LPI RAS)


Prof. Arkady Galper (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute))

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