Investigation of the Al2O3/Ti joint microstructure, brazed with Ti-Zr-Co filler metal

19 Nov 2020, 14:30
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Anastasiia Khvorostova (Evgenevna)


The aim of this work is microstructure study, elemental analysis and corrosion test of alumina/titanium joint brazed with Ti-Zr-Co filler metal in order to propose a new design of femoral head with increased reliability for hip joint endoprosthesis.

Currently, hip joint endoprostheses are widely used for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The most common endoprostheses – with a ceramic-ceramic friction pair. However, their usage for people with an active lifestyle is not widely distributed due to the fragility of ceramic femoral head and their possible destruction under shock loads. In this work, the new design of the femoral head with brazed metal inlet proposed. With the method of finite element analysis, it is shown, that stress in femoral head with metal inlet are lower in compare with standard design head for hip joint endoprostheses.

Based on the analysis of literature data, a biocompatible Ti-Zr-Co filler metal was developed for brazing alumina ceramics with titanium. The microstructure of Ti/Al2O3 brazed joints has been studied, as well as EDX microanalysis has been performed. Corrosion tests of filler metal strip and fragment of brazed joint were carried out for 680 hours, at a temperature of 38˚C, in an aqueous solution of sodium chloride (0.9%), potassium chloride (0.03%) and calcium chloride (0.03%). The absence of filler metal and brazed joint interaction with the corrosive environment is shown.

Primary authors

Anastasiia Khvorostova (Evgenevna) Mr Ivan Fedotov (Vladimirovich) Dr Олег Севрюков Dr Алексей Сучков Mrs Milena Penyaz (NRNU MEPHI) Pavel Dzhumaev (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Associate professor)

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