Relative elliptic flow fluctuations at NICA energies

19 Nov 2020, 15:45
Online (Zoom)


Устный | Oral Физика элементарных частиц Физика элементарных частиц


Mr Vinh Ba Luong (NRNU MEPhI)


The goal of the MPD experiment at NICA collider is to explore the QCD phase diagram of strongly interacting matter produced in nucleus-nucleus collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$=4-11 GeV in the region of high net baryon chemical potential and moderate temperatures. The elliptic flow of produced particles is one of the key observables sensitive both to the transport properties and equation of state of such matter. The Q-Cumulant method is applied for the investigation of the elliptic flow fluctuations of produced particles in Au+Au collisions at 4-11 GeV using the generated events from UrQMD, SMASH, AMPT and vHLLE+UrQMD models.

Primary authors

Mr Vinh Ba Luong (NRNU MEPhI) Mr Dim Idrisov (NRNU MEPhI) Mr Peter Parfenov (NRNU MEPhI) Dr Arkadiy Taranenko (NRNU MEPhI) Mr Alexander Demanov (NRNU MEPhI) Mr Anton Truttse (NRNU MEPhI)

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