MCU Code

MCU (Monte Carlo Universal) is a universal software for simulation of particle transport (neutrons, photons, electrons, positrons) in three-dimensional systems by analog and non-analog Monte Carlo methods. The main advantage of the Monte Carlo method is its ability to simulate the interaction of radiation with substance on the basis of the information from files of the evaluated nuclear data (i.e. the most exact data without additional assumptions is used). Besides, this method practically does not impose restrictions on the geometry of considered systems



The software complex of computational aerodynamics and hydrodynamics FlowVision is intended for mathematical modeling of various physical processes and objects of industrial infrastructure and nature, as well as during the operation of vehicles. Based on equations describing the movement of liquid and gas (taking into account heat transfer, turbulence, chemical reactions, etc.), FlowVision offers users more opportunities than is usual in traditional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) complexes